Friday, July 7, 2023

A Long Overdue Thank You

I want to thank everyone who took the time to write a review for Her Perfect Mate, but I especially want to thank those of you who mentioned that Missy does not have blue eyes. It’d really been worrying me, and I cannot express how much I appreciate you for your reviews.

I’ve been meaning to post this thank you for months, but I’ve been working on the next Bioexpa book in an attempt to be more productive this year. There just don’t seem to be enough hours in the day. Plus, I admit, I am easily distracted. 

Work on the next Bioexpa book is going well. I’ve set a very attainable goal of 100 words a day. I miss it on busy days, but most days I surpass it. The hardest part is starting at all. Setting a small goal is my way to get going. It’s less intimidating than saying I’m going to write two thousand words today—which on a good day, I can totally achieve. But not achieving a larger goal day after day just wrecks me. It’s hard enough looking at the reminder I have up to wash my hairbrushes but somehow keep forgetting to do anyway. This is the most I’ve thought about it since I put that note up five days ago.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer. I would say that I’m going to go wash those hairbrushes, but I think all know that’s not going to happen tonight.

Monday, May 1, 2023

Reviews and Other Stuff

For the first couple of weeks after a book release, I read reviews to see what people liked and what they didn’t. It helps shape future books in a small way.

Currently, Her Perfect Mate only has two reviews. The 1-star review sent me for a tailspin of checking the book for errors. I can’t argue with opinion, but I can dispute facts. Missy’s eyes are brown. I’m not sure where the reviewer got the idea that they were blue. Both Missy and Rick have brown eyes. All my female main characters, with the exception of Veracity in Dark, have had brown eyes. That kept me up last night. Now that I’ve gotten that off my mind….

I’m working on the next Bioexpa book. Thus far, it’s slow going as I get caught in a loop of obsessively checking on a recent release.

I’m thinking of either deleting or simplifying the Books tab as I am doing a terrible job of keeping it updated. Every time I even think of updating it, I put it off for another day. Also, I don’t like the appearance of it. The page is glitched.

On a personal front, I’m trying to work out a time to take my Newfoundland for her summer haircut and bath. She’s beautiful as she is but she’ll be more comfortable with a little less fluff. 

Until next time, everyone enjoy your summer!

Monday, April 24, 2023

Another Her Perfect Mate Excerpt

Her Perfect Mate is coming out this Friday and I'm so excited. Before it comes out, I thought I should post another excerpt to give everyone a small preview. Enjoy!

     He stood and rounded the table so that he towered over her. Missy resisted the temptation to back away. This close, he was overwhelming. And despite this conversation, she hadn’t made any decisions yet. Rick was essentially proposing marriage. She’d met him only yesterday. The man was a stranger!

     The craziness of it hit her at once and she stumbled back a couple of steps. It was pointless. Rick pursued her, keeping their proximity close.

     He stroked her cheek with the backs of his fingers. “You’re so beautiful. More so than I could have ever imagined whenever I thought of taking a mate.”

     “Thank you,” she replied automatically. She’d been complimented on her looks her entire life. She knew she was beautiful. Though she couldn’t quell the satisfaction of knowing that Rick appreciated her appearance, her beauty wasn’t an accomplishment that she’d earned. It simply was and therefore, she took no real pride in it.

     “When I take you, I’ll roll you onto your belly and raise you onto your knees.” With a gentle touch to her shoulders, her turned her from him and wrapped his arms around her waist. Missy inhaled a shuddering breath as he trailed his lips up her neck. His voice was thick with arousal as he continued, “And when you’re screaming my name while your pussy sucks all the cum out of my dick, I’ll sink my teeth into the tender flesh of your neck, claiming you forever.” He traced two fingers over the area where his lips had been. “Right here,” he said, indicating the spot where her shoulder and neck met.

     “Will it….” She stopped, clearing her throat. “Will” made it sound like a foregone conclusion that she accepted him as her mate. “Wouldn’t that hurt?”

     “No. You’ll love it.” His arm tightened around her waist, and she could feel him, hard and thick against the curve of her bottom.

Saturday, April 15, 2023

Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Her Perfect Mate Excerpt

I'm still working on edits, but I thought I'd pop in to post a brief excerpt. I still haven't decided on a release date. It's looking like late this month or early next month. Enjoy!

     When he pulled up to the house, Melisandre stood on the porch, unlocking her door.

     Rick glanced at the little yellow car with false eyelashes as he walked past. He smiled. No wonder he’d been so entranced by the driver’s lips even as Robin had sat at his side. It had been Melisandre, his mate.

     As he’d approached, she’d let herself into the house, but she paused at the threshold, making him proud of her bravery. He’d expected her to slam the door in his face after what Halle had told him. Taking her history into consideration, he slowed his gait and halted at the base of her steps. Keeping his distance was best. It gave her the impression of safety and if he got too close, he’d be unable to resist touching her.

     He stared up at her. She was fucking beautiful. He’d never really cared about looks, but he wasn’t blind. “Fate loves me,” he murmured reverently as he took her in from her bounty of thick blonde curls all the way down to her slender sneaker shod feet. And it was a long way down. She was tall for a woman. As he recalled, she reached his chin. She was slender but curvy with full breasts and rounded hips. Her legs were long, and he couldn’t wait to feel them wrapped around his waist. He wet his lips. “Melisandre.”

     “Everyone calls me Missy.”

     He nodded. “I’m not everyone.” He cocked his head to the side as he mulled it over. “Though it’s a bit of a mouthful for when we’re in bed.”

     She placed her hands on her hips. “How did you find me?”


     She huffed. “Just because you declare me your mate doesn’t make it so. I have a choice in the matter.”

     “Yesterday, before I caught your scent, I was at a traffic light. You were in the car behind me. Just the sight of your lips moved me. I wanted to see more. We’re meant to be, Melisandre.”

     She rolled her large expressive eyes. “That’s physical.”

     He acknowledged the truth of her words with a brief nod. As a beautiful woman, she’d probably heard all manner of compliments about her appearance. “You’re right. It starts there, but it doesn’t end there. We’ll learn about each other over time. I wouldn’t be here if it were just about your beauty.”

     “And I suppose the fact that I’m human means nothing to you.”

     He smiled. “It means you’re going to try to deny this, but that’s okay. I like the chase. It means that the first time we fuck, I won’t put you on your hands and knees because you’ll need a little more time to submit to me.”

     Her breathing sped up and she trembled. And while he caught a spark of irritation in her eye, he could smell her desire. He was happy to note the absence of any scent of fear. “Submit? Never.”

     Rick groaned. He was a perverse bastard. His dick actually jumped when she denied him. Fuck, he really loved a challenge. He couldn’t recall when he was last presented with one. “Have you eaten dinner?”

     She blinked and shifted from one foot to the other. “No.”

     “Let me take you to dinner.”

     She licked her full lips, and he swallowed a growl. “I don’t know if that’s a good idea.”

     That wasn’t a “no.” He could work with that. “I’m not going to change my mind about you being my mate. You need to know me before committing? Have dinner with me.”

     Expelling a huff, she shook her head and mumbled, “Hell, might as well get it over with.” Rick hid a grin. He didn’t bother to mention that with his werewolf hearing he would hear her clearly. To him she said, “Give me a minute.”

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Her Perfect Mate

I should have read last year’s post about finishing that Bioexpa book because I completely forgot my intentions. Instead, I finished the sequel to Her Sweet Alpha because I was further along in the writing process. As much as I like to keep my word, I’m thrilled to be finished with anything. (Don’t worry. I still plan on writing more Bioexpa books. I love matchmaking books. They’re sweet fun.)

I just finished writing Her Perfect Mate yesterday. I’d thought I’d be finished a couple of months ago. But…life. In the coming weeks, I’ll try to keep you posted as things develop and share the blurb and some excerpts. I’m hoping the entire process will be finished in a few weeks and that Her Perfect Mate will be out as early as next month. I’ll post when I have a definite release date.

For everyone who is reading this, I want to thank you for your patience. Hopefully, in future, neither of our wells of patience shall be so thoroughly tested.

Monday, January 10, 2022

This Year's Plan

The saying about making plans…yeah, that really got me last year. I’d planned to publish at least two more books—a sequel to Her Sweet Alpha and another Bioexpa book.

And then we moved at the end of summer. Moving is stressful. I don’t recommend it. In our case, it seemed everything was destined to go wrong. The truck we’d rented was suddenly unavailable. My brother, who was the only person to volunteer to help us move, came down with Covid. At the time, I’d jokingly said, “Why does everything have to happen to me?” I realized the selfishness of this thought and giggled for a long time. (Thankfully, my brother was fine. He was vaccinated. After a visit with his doctor, he was well enough in a few days to be out mowing his grass while confined at home.)

I’m adjusting to our new environment. We’re in a one story now instead of two. The cat that used to fear our dog now harasses her whenever she’s hungry (which seems to be always). It’s just pure crazy. I admit the cat is overweight, but she’s no competition for an also overweight Newfoundland. My dog’s head is bigger than the entire cat, yet the cat will actually go after her as if she can win this fight. My Newfie usually turns her head or tries to get away. I’d film it, but I’m more concerned with breaking up the potential altercation. A well-placed leg usually does the trick.

I did get around to taking down my Facebook page. I was fed up with having to fight just to sign in. Writing has been slow going. I’m surrounded by family again. Which is lovely, but so very distracting.

This year’s plan is much the same as last year’s—finish the sequel and the Bioexpa book. Hopefully, this year will stick to the plan.