Saturday, May 21, 2011

My First Novel

Where to start? This isn’t my first blog. It’s perhaps my third. My Sims 2 blog is the only one that I keep fairly current. The others have probably expired from neglect. Hopefully, this one will fair better.
My interracial romance “Friends,” was published March 26 this year. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by its reception. This is my first published work. Of course, I’ve been writing stories for myself since high school. Occasionally, I go back and read those stories. Some of them aren’t half bad. Others I’ve thrown away out of pure shame.
Currently, I’m working on a sequel to “Friends” and a few other ideas that I hope readers will like. “Friends” is available for purchase at and other websites. You can find free excerpts there.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and come again soon.