Saturday, May 3, 2014


From The Last Witch Hunter:

     He emptied his cup and tossed it before taking Nikita by the elbow. She allowed him to guide her and even slid into his arms once he’d dragged her to the center of the dance floor.
     Her head barely reached his shoulder despite her high heels. Ronan held her close, one large palm spanning her back. The warmth of it seemed to encircle her. As they swayed together, she could feel her nipples tightening. Everything about him was hard and hot and oh, so big. It was only natural that she would find him sexy. She shifted in his arms, causing his erection to nudge her belly. Yeah, everything about him was supersized.
     She expected him to pull back and apologize. He did neither. He stroked her cheek with the backs of his fingers. “You’re so beautiful.”
     Nikita took his hand in hers and drew it away from her face. Her hand felt dwarfed by his much larger one. “Don’t.”
     “You can’t keep running from this.” He held her gaze as he lowered his head to hers.
     He was going to try to kiss her. Nikita was frozen as time seemed to slow down. It would be lunacy to let this go any further. Her reflexes kicked in and she turned her face and his lips grazed her ear before sliding down the curve of her neck, sending shivers of desire skidding down her spine. He emitted a growl mixed with a groan that caused heat to unfurl in low in her belly. Magic. It had to be magic. She shouldn’t want him this much. It was dangerous and stupid. And she never did stupid.
     “I want you, Nikita.” When she didn’t respond, his mouth opened over her nape in a kiss that was hot and wet, and oh, so delicious. He drew her closer so that her tight nipples were abraded by contact with his chest. He nipped her earlobe. “Can you imagine it? My tongue deep in your mouth, my cock buried in your sweet pussy?”
     Too easily she could envision it, hunger for it. Shaking her head to dispel the taunting image, Nikita stepped out of his arms. “That can’t happen. Take me home,” she told him.

From The Deal:

     “I’m sorry I forgot our anniversary,” he said softly. “But don’t you think you’re overreacting?”
     “This isn’t about yesterday,” she said beginning to feel anger simmering.
     “Then what is this? Why are you trying to leave me?”
     “Gabriel, this is about the past year. That you even have to ask is why I’m leaving. I’ve told you over and over that I wasn’t happy.”
     “Are you seeing someone else?”
     “No, of course not.”
     Some of the tension left his shoulders. “I don’t understand.” He ran a hand through his hair. “I love you, Kameron. And you said you loved me.”
     “I do love you.”
     “Then stay with me.”
     “I can’t. I don’t feel like I’m part of your life anymore. I think some time apart might help—”
     “That’s bullshit, Kameron. This is a marriage. We stick together through the good and the bad.”
     She bit her lip to hold back a sob. “But you’ve already left me. I never see you. We don’t talk. All you ever do is…” She covered her face and took a deep breath. “You work all the time. You would never put up with this from me.”
     “Damn it, you understood when I took this job that it would mean sacrifices for both of us.”
     “I didn’t understand that it would be every minute of every day, that it would mean that I would cease to exist as far as you’re concerned. If your mother hadn’t told you I was leaving, how long would it have been before you noticed I was missing?”
     “I would have known immediately.”
     She laughed harshly. “Oh, yes, because of the sex.”
     He leaned forward, his hands braced on her desk. “You enjoy it.” His tone dared her to deny it.
     “Yes, I do, but it can’t be all there is.”
     Gabriel growled. He walked away. Locking his fingers behind his head, he pinned her with his green gaze. “Kameron, I don’t have time for this shit. Stay, we’ll work through this.”
     She glared at him and wiped away her tears. “Am I keeping you from your precious work with the gorgeous Veronica?”
     “Damn it! Are you still jealous of her? I told you, I’m not interested in Veronica. The only woman I want is you.”
     Nothing she could say to him would make him understand why she needed this separation. She bent and double-checked her drawers to make sure they were empty. “You should inform her of that. The only thing I envy about her is that she has my husband’s undivided attention when she speaks. I, on the other hand, am treated like an unreasonable child for wanting to spend time with my husband.”
     “I’m sorry that I’ve been so busy. I’m trying to do something important here.”
     “Don’t you think that I feel that way about my job, also?”
     “So what do you want? What do you need me to say that will make you stay? Do you want me to quit?”
     “Then what? You’ve got me over a barrel here, Kameron. It’s all or nothing. The hours I work are necessary for the company and for us. Don’t forget, it’s my salary that makes it possible for you to keep your job at the gallery.”
     Kameron shook her head. She wanted to ignore him and his angry words, but the truth was that it hurt. It was true that the gallery didn’t support them and he made it possible for her to work there full-time. “I don’t have a solution,” she whispered.
“Give it more time, but don’t leave me.”
     She was surprised to hear the vulnerability in his voice. Gabriel detested begging or apologizing. He considered them to be signs of weakness. He crossed to her and pulled her into his arms.
     “Don’t do this to us, baby.” He kissed her and she whimpered.
     “Please, Gabriel, let me go. I-I’ve thought about this. This isn’t some spur of the moment decision. I promised myself I would leave. I’m doing this for us.”
     He cupped her chin and ran the pad of his thumb over her bottom lip. “Look at me. Tell me, Kameron, how long do you think you can go without me?” He pressed his hips against hers. The desk was at her back and there was no avoiding the hard evidence of his desire for her. “You pretend it’s all me. You want it as much as me. You’re always wet for me.”
     She averted her face and shoved at his chest but he didn’t budge. It was true. Even now his gravelly voice, his scent, and his proximity were working on her. She tried to hold on to her anger. He touched his lips to the sensitive skin of her neck and her skin sizzled. If she were superwoman, he would be her kryptonite. “D-don’t.”
     “Don’t what, baby? Don’t fight for our marriage?” He lifted her onto the desk and stepped between her thighs. His hands ran up her back and grasped her shoulders so that she was glued to him from chest to groin. Kameron felt herself going limp in his arms. She bit her lip to hold in another whimper. His teeth latched onto her earlobe, nibbling and suckling. Her nipples tingled to life.
     Kameron felt herself drowning. Sex had never been this way with anyone else. Gabriel had her wrapped around his little finger and he knew it. His mouth crept up to hers. With a moan, she continued to evade him. If he kissed her, she would be lost. Her pushes against his hips were ineffectual. Gabriel wasn’t moving until he was good and ready.
     “You want to leave me, baby, and you think I’m going to make it easy for you? Think again. You’re mine. I’ve known it from the moment I laid eyes on you.”

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Blog Hop Prizes

Today I wanted to place more emphasis on the prizes. I don't think I did that yesterday. So I'm going to post that info and the other information again. I'll post excerpts from The Last Witch Hunter and The Deal tomorrow.

Since I recommended some summer reads yesterday, I'll recommend some more today. In keeping with the prize mode, I'm going to recommend a couple of free reads. This year I was happy to discover Artistic License by Elle Pierson and Tempted by Elizabeth Kelly. I found Artistic License to be unique since the hero was not handsome and never had been. He wasn't in an accident. He simply was always unhandsome. And the heroine was very shy. I read alot. My poor Kindle gets quite a workout. So many times a few weeks down the line I don't recall the details of most books. This one is memorable and a keeper. Likewise with Tempted. It was the hottest, sexiest office romance I've read this year. There is a 99 cent sequel that I also enjoyed.

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Friday, May 2, 2014

Hot n' Sprung Blog Hop

I'm going to let you in on a secret. The only reason I've ever liked summer is because of the vacations. When I was in high school and college, I would spend the summer reading as many books as I could. I know, I know. I was a boring kid. Now summers mean a vacation with the family. I read year round.

My first suggestions for a great summer reads are going to be The Submission Sessions by Teri Fowler and Rapt by Laurel Cremant. They are both oh so good and feature heroes worth swooning over. Both feature elements of BSDM, but in very different ways. Check them out on Amazon for full descriptions. I always recommend downloading the sample to make sure you're interested, but trust me, they are both 5 star reads.

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