Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Another Possessed Excerpt

Since last I wrote, I finished Keith's story, the sequel to Acting Witchy. I've decided to call it Writing Witchy since Keith is a writer. It's already been accepted by Evernight.Though it's a sequel, you won't need to read the first book to understand it. (But you should because it's smoking hot!) Now that it's finished, I'm sort of at loose ends. I don't know what I'm going to tackle next. A few new ideas have popped into my head, but I'd rather wrap up one of my other projects first.

So now for the main reason for this post. Possessed will be released this weekend at Sugar and Spice. So in celebration of that fact, I decided to post another excerpt. Enjoy!

“Sebastian, I won’t hurt you. Your friends asked me to come. I’m here to help you.”
He lowered his head into his hands. “You can’t help me, Keva. I’ve been to IOP. The traditional method doesn’t work on me.”
She kept her distance but crouched down so that she was on his level. “Please, let me try.”
He laughed. “God, Keva, you should leave now. I’m losing control. I don’t know how long I can hold it in.”
“What’s your ability?”
He groaned and slammed his back into the wall. “Telekinesis.” He was breathing hard. “Clairvoyance.” He banged his head against the wall. His hair parted and revealed his face. He was beautiful, his face that of a dark angel. Thick black brows slashed toward his hairline. Above full and perfect lips, his nose was perfectly straight. He opened his eyes. They were a deep intense blue. “Precognition.”
“No one has more than one ability.”
He grinned, revealing strong, white teeth. His eyes flashed silver before returning to blue. “Telepathy.”
Keva frowned, getting annoyed. He was toying with her when she was attempting to help him. “Be serious.”
He growled. “And something else…”
All the growling was fraying her nerves. “Stop that.”
“Wish I could.”
She stood and crossed to him. Getting on her knees between his spread thighs, she held out her hands. “I can help you. Just give me your hands and let go.”
His eyes flickered over her face. “So pretty, Keva,” he said, dragging out the syllables of her name. “I wish I’d met you sooner.” He leaned forward suddenly and took her hands. His eyes turned silver and blue in rapid cycles that had her dizzy. The blue light enveloped him again, and she braced herself for the rush of power she felt whenever she established a connection with a talented client. She closed her eyes and waited. And waited.
And then nothing. She glared at him. “You’re not trying.”
He smiled, baring all his teeth. When she tried to pull back, he wouldn’t let go. He used his thumbs to rub circles on her inner wrists. His gaze dropped to her lips and then lower, pausing at her breasts and the apex of her thighs. “I am.” He sighed. “But that doesn’t work on me. Do you really want to help me?”
“Of course.”
He closed the distance between their faces until his moist breath warmed her lips. She could feel them begin to tingle under his intense scrutiny. “You shouldn’t. You’re a good person. Go home and forget you ever met me.”
“Please, tell me. How can I help you?”
A tremor shook his body, and his eyes went silver. Not the silver of a person with pale gray eyes. No, his eyes were like mercury. Up this close, she could see that his pupils were absent. “Keva,” he drawled, his voice so full of bass it sounded more like thunder. He brushed his lips against hers, and he purred like a cat. She attempted to withdraw once more but he was quick to pull her back.
She swallowed as apprehension once again tried to take hold of her mind. “Sebastian—”
“Bastian, call me Bastian.” He licked her lower lip and then the upper one. “Taste so good. Do you taste this good everywhere?”
“That’s an inappropriate question. I don’t sleep with my clients.”
He laughed, a rough, hoarse sound. “But you want to help me. You can help me by spreading your thighs and letting me fuck you until I work this out of my system.” Gasping, she fought to get free from him. “What’s the matter? You said you wanted to help me. Suddenly, you’ve changed your mind now that you have to give something of yourself. All you Channels are the same. You want to take but you never want to give.”
“If I thought it would help you—”
“Don’t lie to me, pretty Keva. You haven’t let a man inside those panties in over two years.”
She gasped. “Let me go.”
     “Truth hurts, doesn’t it? You’re also wishing you’d never come all this way. I’ve got news for you. It’s going to get worse before it gets better.”