Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Coming October 21

Noah Granger likes his life uncomplicated and drama free. Though he’s grown weary of trolling clubs for casual hookups, he doesn't date and he doesn't do relationship—ever. Lately, he’s become obsessed with the shy beauty across the hall. He knows she’s not his usual type, but it can’t hurt to ask….

Zoe Browning can't believe that Noah, her seriously hot neighbor, is interested in her. But when Noah suggests a no-strings affair, her answer is an emphatic no. The guy is a player and a pervert. He's always got a different girl on his arm and he always stares at her as though he can see through her bulky clothes.

Undaunted by her refusal, Noah decides they will be friends—at least until he can convince Zoe that they can be much more.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Some Nostalgia, Yammering, and More

Last weekend I awakened just in time to hear the sound of the lights going out due to a tropical storm. They were only out for a few hours. (My record for going without electricity was about two weeks after a hurricane.) As a kid, I was quite accustomed to the power going out. We used to joke that the powerlines where we came from had to be made from rat hair since even a thunderstorm meant you’d be going to bed in the dark. And let me tell you, it was a nightmare. Not only did we not have light. We didn’t have running water because our water came from a deep well. I mentioned this to my eight-year-old and she asked me what a well was. The water from the well tasted better as it never had to be chlorinated and never smelled funny. You could drink it straight from the faucet and in the winter, it was cold and delicious. Unfortunately when the lights were out, the pump for the well didn’t work. As I explained what a well was and looked up photos on my phone, it reminded me of all the times we sat around our house talking when the lights went out. Strangely enough, it was one of few times we’d get to hear about our family’s history. My mom would tell me about when she was a child. Or my siblings would tell me about what it was like when they were growing up. I’m the youngest and, yes, I’m spoiled. What else could I be when the sister closest to me in age is ten years my senior? Anyway, I love the conveniences that electricity brings to our lives, but sometimes, it’s nice to just sit and talk to family.

That said, growing up as I did, I could not appreciate the guys who do the repairs to downed power lines and such more. No matter what time of day or night it was, they’d come out and they wouldn’t quit until the job was done.

Enough with the nostalgia. I’m sure you’re curious as to what I’ve been up to. I did finally finish that book I started long ago (listed as Ashley, but will be titled I Want You Back) and immediately got started on writing something new (currently untitled and masquerading under the name Kyle on my Works in Progress tab). I now have two finished books that are in need of finishing touches before they can be published. No release dates yet. I don’t like to plan a date until I have everything together. But my hope is that it will be very soon.

As much I’m having fun reading and writing, I’m going to have to gain some discipline and do some of the other stuff that comes with self-publishing. When I finish a book, I’m always anxious to release it out into the world. I have my moments of infinite patience and then times where I have absolutely none. There are a few hundred tiny things that need to be done and I want to do them all at once. I’m a multi-tasker, you know. I read, write, play games, and watch television all at once. Think I’m kidding? I usually have a Kindle in one hand, my phone (playing Covet) in the other, whilst I sit in front of my laptop, and watch television.