Thursday, October 25, 2012


I know I shouldn't read them, but I admit I do. It can sometimes be painful, but sometimes, it gives me an insight into what readers want. Of course, you can't please everyone. I have seen some contradictory reviews. What one reader likes, another may hate.

It's funny in a way. I've seen reviews that comment on the covers of novels. For instance, I saw a comment where one reader said they didn't purchase a book because the cover featured a model with one color hair and in the sample it said his hair was another color. This brought to mind a review that someone wrote for one of my books that said they didn't feel that the cover model looked like the character. As authors, we are asked to fill out a form to help cover artists create a cover. (This may be a different story if a book is independently published.) I haven't created the cover for any of my books. I appreciate all the hard work that goes into creating covers and I thank everyone who has ever worked on one for me.

The other day I read a review where the reviewer overall enjoyed my book but felt that it had one too many F bombs. I actually thought this was funny and I've tried to tone it down in my books. Why did I think it was funny? In my everyday life, I almost never curse. Not even the four letter words that are condoned on television. It was a comment from an older sister of mine at a formative age. She said it wasn't ladylike. So I never developed the habit.

Anyway, keep the reviews coming. You never know when a comment might shape a future novel.

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