Sunday, February 10, 2013

What's New

I've been writing, writing, and writing some more. I've had lots of new ideas. My last story idea came to me one morning over the holidays. I woke up and there it was. The idea was pretty firm within minutes but it took me a few days to work out some of the details. The more I thought about it, the more excited I became with the story idea. I completed the story last week. Since then, I've been proofreading and adding a few more details, but for the most part, I’m satisfied with the story.

I've also been reading lots and it occurred to me that I have several types of stories that I like that I will buy again and again despite knowing that I will encounter a similar plot. One of those is the idea of friends falling in love. I can't resist a marriage of convenience that becomes more. Or the story of a woman who has an affair with a man and later conceals the resulting pregnancy. (Of course, they get back together when he finds out after a delicious show of male fury.) There are more plots I adore, but still, you'd think it would get dull and that I'd be looking for something different. Somehow it never does and these remain my favorite themes. 

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