Friday, August 2, 2013

Post Vacation

I've got the post vacation lazies. You know, when you return to life as usual and you should be refreshed from vacationing, but in actuality chores have been piling up waiting for your return. Since coming back from St. Augustine, FL, I've pretended I was going to work. I read over what I've got written so far for the final book in the Witch Hunters and even added a few words to it. I've begun edits for Writing Witchy, book two. And I've done some thinking about another book idea that's floating around in my head.

But as to actually putting fingers to keyboard for some actual creativity, it hasn't happened. I've read some really good books by Laurel Cremant, Yvette Hines, and Gynger Fyer. I've also read some really nice reviews for Possessed. Thank you to all my readers and a special thanks to those of you who took the extra step to review it.

My goal is to have the final Witch Hunters completed this year, but I find it's easiest to work on what you're interested in at any given moment. And I'm still having difficulty working through the plot for Nikita's story. It's going to be based on a dream I had a couple of years ago. I know that sounds bad since dreams are usually boring and mundane. Every once in a while, I'll have one that is so movie like that I have to share it. And I'll share it with you. After Nikita's book comes out.

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