Monday, August 25, 2014

Summer and Other Stuff

As the time for another school year draws near, I find myself worried for my daughter again. Last year was her first year and I was a wreck. I’d thought this year would be different, that I wouldn't be as nervous. Nope. It’s just a new set of worries. Who will be her teacher? How will she deal with the change? Will some mean kid pull her ponytails?

And then there is the long list of school supplies that need to be purchased. We've conquered most of the list, but with little kids there is always a clothing situation that needs to be addressed. It seems with each season, I have to go through my daughter’s clothes to see what fits and what doesn’t. What needs to be replaced and what will last another year.

Unfortunately, I’ve done precious little writing. I've been on a couple of mini vacations. I just got back home today from visiting my mom for her birthday. She’s 83 as of yesterday. The next week or so, I am going to put in a major effort to get more written before my copy of Sims 4 arrives. I'll be sure to update.

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