Tuesday, March 24, 2015

And a little bit more info....

Last summer I saw a commercial for a reality show where strangers would get married. I’m not sure how they were paired and I never saw an episode. My immediate thoughts after I saw the commercial were that they’d stolen my idea! Somehow, they had deduced an idea I had for a story that, though completed, I still as yet have not published. Of course, that’s not possible. People have similar ideas all the time.

I still have not seen this show and can’t recall what channel it was airing on so I don’t know how they decided to make their matches. My idea was to have the couples paired by a very successful dating service. However, I realize that very few people would actually marry someone that they’d just met. So how could I make it work? That was when I decided to set it into the future. I wanted this matchmaking company to be one that people would trust. Despite that, you know as a reader, that things will never run smooth when you’re suddenly married to a stranger.

The first in the series will be about Sienna and Jakob. It’s shorter than the other stories. The purpose is mostly an introduction to the idea. At the moment, I have three stories completed. I don’t have a publication dates yet. But stay tuned for blurbs, excerpts, and cover art.

(Oh, and in case you haven’t looked, I'm working my creative fingers off. Check out those climbing numbers on my Works in Progress page!)

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