Saturday, April 13, 2013

Another Deceived Excerpt

Since Deceived is now available at many sellers, I decided to post another excerpt. I hope you enjoy it.

     He shrugged. “You never know. It’s got to be killing him—losing you.”
     It flattered her that he had such a high opinion of her, but she doubted Jerome was mourning the loss of her as much as his job. She was suddenly very tired and hungry. The smell of pizza wafted from the kitchen. She took off her coat and hung it in the closet. “Are you hungry? I have pizza.”
     “I don’t want to impose.”
     She laughed suddenly. They were so polite and formal with each other. It was most unusual considering what had transpired between them. “I can’t eat an entire pizza myself.”
     “What’s so funny?” he asked with a curious smile.
     “It’s nothing. Please join me for dinner?”
     “I’d love to.”
     He removed his overcoat and jacket and loosened his tie before following her to the kitchen. She took plates and glasses out of the cabinet. She had a Pepsi chilling in the fridge.
     “Do you know how much sugar is in that?” he asked as she filled the glasses.
     “Enough to make my tummy happy. Sugar is my one vice. Let me have it.”
     “I seem to recall you having champagne the night we met.”
     She wrinkled her nose as she served him before sitting herself. “I don’t usually drink. I only took it to look sophisticated. Did it work?”
     He grinned, unleashing the attractive slants in his cheeks and the crinkles around his eyes. “Like a charm. It’s a good thing that you’re not a drinker,” he commented before biting into a cheesy slice of pizza.
     “Why is that?” His eyes flicked down to her belly and back up. “Oh.” She’d checked her calendar and it would be two weeks before she would know if their night together had resulted in pregnancy. Having never had a pregnancy scare before, she didn’t think it likely.
     “You’ll let me know as soon as you know anything?”
     “Of course.” She sipped her soda and enjoyed the strong carbonated flavor. Running her finger around the rim of her glass, she commented, “Some men would be freaking out about now. Why are you so calm?”
     “Having children is something I've always wanted to do. This isn't the way I imagined it would happen. You can rail against life’s curveballs or you can come to the conclusion that the world isn’t going to end and make the best of it.”
     She only hoped she could be so sage when or if they were confronted with the actuality of her being pregnant. She finished off her slice and ate a second. Aidan ate half the pizza in the box on his own. He helped her clear away the dishes. “You have sauce on your shirt.” She grabbed a towel and dabbed at the small red spot on his chest. Aidan’s gold eyes watched her hands. Their color darkened and his pupils enlarged. “There. You can barely see it. It should come out in the wash.”
     This close to him, she could smell his cologne, a hauntingly familiar fragrance. She recalled it from that night and from the dinner he’d held at his home. She wondered now if she’d ever truly believed him to be Jerome. On some level, she must have known.
     “You’re remembering, aren’t you?” he asked, his voice husky and deep. He stepped closer, caging her between his body and the sink. He gripped the counter on either side of her.
     She swallowed and shook her head. She closed her eyes, but that only made it worse. She didn’t have any images, only sensations. The feel of his hands on her followed by his mouth. The memory of his cock tunneling through the tight tissues of her pussy, taking her forcefully.
     “You’re trembling. Please tell me that I don’t frighten you?” Aidan reached out a large hand and stroked her cheek.
     “No,” she croaked. Clearing her throat, she turned and grabbed a cloth to wipe down the sink. “No, not at all.” He moved closer, pressing into her back, his erection finding a home in the cleft between her butt cheeks. She gave a startled yelp, belying her words of only seconds ago.
     His warm breath caressed her neck. “Janelle, I regret that you were deceived, but I can’t forget about that night. I—”
     “Don’t! There’s no need to discuss it further.”
     He chuckled, but it was more of a weary expulsion than an indicator of mirth. “I was under the impression that women liked to talk a subject to death.”
     “Believe me, I’ve thought about it until my head ached.” He rubbed his chin over her neck, his stubble rasping over her sensitive skin. Janelle shivered. He bit her earlobe and she gasped.
     “Janelle,” he groaned, thrusting against her. His hands closed over her waist.
     She wanted him so badly it frightened her. All she had to do was let it happen, simply do nothing. He could lift her skirt, slide her panties down her legs, open his pants, and bend her over the counter. She would get to feel the thick muscularity of him filling her aching core once more. They didn’t even have to take off their clothes. The idea of fucking fully clothed was naughty and somehow titillating. Her mouth went dry and her breathing escalated.

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